Doctor blades for gravure printing

Daetwyler SwissTec offers a wide range of MDC doctor blades for gravure printing, helping you achieve the perfect print result.

Doctor blades for flexo printing


Looking for the perfect MDC doctor blades for flexo printing? You’ve come to the right place! Daetwyler SwissTec offers the perfect MDC doctor blades for any application.

Rotoflex inks and lacquers

Food, non-food and security – spoilt for choice

Your partner for outstanding print results

Rotoflex AG is a leading supplier of gravure and flexo print inks, master colour
batches and lacquers for flexible packaging and products which help protect against counterfeits.

Polywest Sleeve Systems

Printing sleeves, adapters & much more!

Polywest as system provider

POLYWEST is an impetus, full of know-how and well known for the permanent development of sleeve and adapter technology. One of the leading sleeve manufacturers worldwide.

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